On May 12, 2021, the Bay Area Senior Health Policy Coalition hosted a virtual event titled “Master Plan for Aging: Mobilizing Your County & Community.” Nearly 160 attendees participated in this event, which featured presentations from local leaders in Marin, Napa, Solano and Sonoma counties about the Master Plan for Aging.
The event’s speakers focused on local initiatives linked to four of the Master Plan for Aging’s Bold Goals: housing, health, caregiving and affordable aging, and how to leverage this statewide initiative to achieve local change. Below you will find links to the session recordings, speaker presentations and additional event materials.

Main Session and Breakout Sessions

Presentation Slides

Main Session – Slides

Key Elements of the Master Plan for Aging

Housing Breakout – Housing Elements 101

Housing Breakout – Hello Housing

Housing Breakout – Dementia-Capable Napa County

Health Reimagined Breakout – Slides

Caregiving That Works Breakout – Slides

Closed Captioning Transcripts

Main Session – cc

Housing for All Ages & Stages – cc

Health Reimagined – cc

Caregiving That Works – cc

Affordable Aging & Economic Security – cc

Additional Materials and Resources

Program Agenda and Speaker Bios
Master Plan for Aging North Bay Invitation
Master Plan for Aging
Master Plan for Aging Local Playbook